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Bathing Aids

Being able to use the bathroom independently is essential for anyone who wants to preserve their dignity and privacy despite their mobility issues. That’s why we’ve put together a carefully selected range of high-quality bathroom aids so you can enjoy better access to your bathroom and have a stress-free user experience. We’ve chosen products that will make it simpler and more convenient to use the toilet, bath, and shower, either with support or independently, giving you greater freedom and confidence, while ensuring your safety at all times.

Benefits of Bathroom Aids

Enhanced Bathroom Safety: Aids increase safety, reducing accident risks and promoting well-being.

More Independence: Users gain greater independence in the bathroom, reducing the need for assistance.

Adaptable Support: Aids are flexible for various bathroom needs, ensuring convenience.

Personalised Comfort: Bathroom aids can be tailored for specific requirements, offering support and security.

Improved Well-being: Enhances overall well-being, providing accessibility, independence, and comfort for users with mobility challenges.

Efficient Solutions: Offers practical solutions for hygiene and safety, allowing confident bathroom navigation.

Mobility Living Aids

We know that using the bathroom can be something that people with mobility issues struggle with. With high thresholds and slippery surfaces to deal with, it isn’t surprising that this room can be one of the most stressful and unsafe in the home. If you or your loved one has lost confidence in using the bathroom independently, our range of bath, shower, and toilet aids will make the space more relaxing, comfortable, and pleasant to use once more. Thanks to our selection of bath boards, grab bars, and grab rails, you’ll feel more confident using your tub, and with a shower seat stool, you’ll be able to take care of your personal hygiene safely and independently.

Hand Grips (Grab Bars)

Using the toilet can present another significant challenge when you have reduced mobility, and that’s why we’ve brought together a range of helpful toileting devices to help you regain your independence and enjoy a more dignified experience. We have raised toilet seats and padded toilet seats to improve your comfort and make it easier to use your facilities, while our range of male and female urinals allow you to relieve yourself even in situations where accessing the bathroom is challenging. Our solutions are all user-friendly and convenient, allowing you to enjoy using your bathroom once more.

Why Choose More Than Mobility ?


Our collective team have over 40 Years’ collective experience in the mobility industry.

Free Delivery and Set up

Many of our valued customers struggle with mobility so we offer a free delivery and set up service.

At Home Assessments

We carry out ‘Home Assessments’ to assess both yourself and your home to assist you remaining living independently in your home environment.

Highly Recommended

A lot of our business comes to us via customer referrals due to our outstanding customer service.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The More Than Mobility team take great pride in providing great products supported by great service which is 100% guaranteed.

Equipment Warranted and Guaranteed

All our products come with warrantees and guarantees giving you peace of mind

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