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walking crutches

Simple, reliable, and sturdy, walking sticks may be the original mobility aid solution, but they are, nevertheless, still a popular choice thanks to their convenience, ease of use, and flexibility. Available in a choice of sizes and styles, many models are also adjustable or foldable, making them a perfect option for use both at home and while out and about. Standard walking sticks can give someone with mobility difficulties the extra support and stability they need to get around confidently and safely, and thanks to the latest designs, they’re more comfortable to use than ever before.

Benefits of Crutches and Walking Sticks

Support and Stability: Aids provide added support and stability, enhancing user safety.

Improved Mobility: Users can move more freely, even with mobility challenges, thanks to crutches and walking sticks.

Independence: Promote independence, enabling users to perform daily tasks without constant assistance.

Personalised Comfort: Adjust to user needs, offering tailored comfort and security.

Confidence in Mobility: Users gain confidence in their ability to move, making social activities and outings easier.

Better Posture and Comfort: Encourage improved posture, reducing strain and discomfort, ultimately enhancing well-being.

Adjustable Crutches

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or have a long-term mobility issue, adjustable crutches are a great choice to improve stability and make it easier to get around. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, our adjustable crutches have separate sections for the forearm and leg to ensure the ideal fit for the user’s size, as well as anatomically designed soft grips to provide extra support for the palm and relieve the pressure on the hands during use. Affordable and user-friendly, adjustable crutches are a great long or short-term mobility solution for all kinds of customers.

Quad Canes

One of the most traditional and popular walking aids available on the market today, quad canes are manufactured from lightweight materials for easy and effortless use without any compromise on either quality or strength. Designed to be adjustable to suit the needs of users of different heights, quad canes also feature four feet for optimal weight distribution, ensuring that the user can benefit from maximum stability whether moving around indoors or outdoors. An ideal way to increase confidence and improve balance, quad canes are an affordable option that is simple, user-friendly, and convenient to take anywhere.