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Essential Daily Living Aids

Essential Daily Living Aids

When it comes to your quality of life, sometimes the little things matter the most. If you have mobility issues, our selection of everyday assistance can help you make the most of each day. Independent life may require the appropriate tools and aids. Others may be to help you with certain duties or to address a specific health issue. Here are some living aids you may need:

Bathroom Aids

We are aware that people with mobility limitations sometimes have difficulty using the bathroom With high thresholds and slick surfaces to cope with, it isn’t surprising that this room can be one of the most stressful and risky in the home. Our selection of bath, shower, and toilet aids will restore your or a loved one’s confidence in using the restroom independently by making it more relaxing, cosy, and enjoyable. Everyone who wishes to maintain their dignity and privacy despite their mobility limitations must be able to use the restroom independently.

Kitchen Aids

Finding solutions to manage in the kitchen might be a huge obstacle to retaining your independence. Cleaning and cooking can be challenging for those with impairments or mobility issues because of the difficulty of using silverware, utensils, and appliances. There are tools that provide the best options to meet your demands if you or a loved one suffers from illnesses like arthritis and lacks strength, dexterity, or grip. The ability to move freely in the restroom of a person with limited mobility may be considerably increased by a standing frame. Due to its lightweight and corrosion resistance, many toilet support frames can be adjusted in width.

Standing Frames

Standing aids are intended to help people stand and sit up from the toilet. A free-standing toilet frame helps both users stand on the pedestal while not needing to be installed. To reduce the distance the person you are caring for must walk to lower or elevate themselves again, some of them are as simple as frames that fit around your toilet. Raised toilet seats are another option.

Here at More than Mobility, We’ve put together a number of products that are intended to make a variety of daily tasks easier, from meal preparation and dining to using the restroom on one’s own. We also carry arm slings, grab rails, and many other things that make it simpler for you to move around, whether in a wheelchair or a car, giving you more flexibility and mobility.

For anyone who wants to live a more independent lifestyle at home, our kitchen and bathroom aids are a perfect choice. Our selection of kitchen aids will make your life easier and more convenient, from uniquely shaped cutlery that is simple to hold to cutting-edge kettles and two-handled mugs. To ensure better dignity and less stress when using the Bathroom, our extensive selection of bathroom aids includes everything from shower stools to bath benches to grab bars and inflatable pillows. For those in need, More Than Mobility has a large selection of standing frames. For people with impairments or those whose physical condition makes it difficult for them to sit down or stand up, we offer standing aids.

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