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Everything You Need to Know about Rise and Recline Chairs

A Rise and Recline chair is a type of chair made specifically for people who have trouble getting up from or sitting down on a sofa or armchair.

A Rise and Recline chair can be thought of as a very practical piece of furniture, especially for those with disabilities and the elderly who have limited movement or who are afflicted with conditions like arthritis or poor circulation.

Rise and Recline chairs are made to be as comfortable as possible, especially for people who spend a lot of time sitting down. When they gently lead the individual into a secure posture, they also make sure the users’ knees and hips are supported rather than strained. Moreover, riser recliners lessen the physical effort required to stand up from a seated posture and help to minimise accidents.

At the push of a button, riser and recliner chairs allow users to recline to a comfortable posture. Its straightforward operation might be a big comfort to people who might require a little additional assistance getting up from a chair. These can be of considerable assistance to people who have medical conditions that make it difficult for them to sit comfortably.

Choosing from the many chairs available might be difficult given their wide variety and potential uses.

Types of Rise and Recline Chairs

Usually, one or two motors are used to Rise Rise and Recline Chairs However, a triple motor for bariatric use is also an option.

Single Motor Riser Recliner

A single built-in motor that manages all the chair’s electric features makes up a single-motor riser recliner. There are four possible positions for this type: Rise, Standard Sit Position, Semi-Reclined with the footrest up, and Full Recline.

Dual Motor Riser Recliner

Two motors are used in this kind of chair. The footrest is moved by one, while the backrest is moved by the other. The user can independently operate the footrest and backrest thanks to this mechanism. The chair handset has four buttons and is made to operate the electrical components of creating various seated postures in accordance with the user’s requirements.

What should You Consider when Choosing a Rise and Recline Chair?

Each customer’s particular preferences may influence the fabric they choose. As a general rule, leather and dartex are more expensive than vinyl and velour.

Be mindful that velour and vinyl offer a broader variety of colours than leather and dartex if you’re thinking about matching your riser recliner with the style and colours of your room.

Pressure relief can be integrated into the seat and backrest of speciality riser recliners. This particular style of chair is excellent for encouraging proper sitting posture or relieving pressure points on the body. This occurs as a result of an integrated pressure relief system that continuously supports the user at low pressure without sacrificing stability or functioning.

The maximum user weight permitted on the chair at any given time should also be taken into consideration when buying a Rise and Recline Chair. The weight capacity typically ranges from 18 to 40 stones. Bariatric riser recliners can, however, be produced for heavier users. In this instance, one of these custom seats can support up to 50 stones of weight.

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