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Adaptive Furniture

We provide a large range of furniture which provide comfort, usability and will look absolutely fantastic in your home. All our furniture is supplied to us by reputative suppliers and comes with full warrantees. If you struggle to get in and out of your armchair or need additional support when using your bed look no further than our furniture range. All our furniture strikes the balance of giving your functionality you need whilst not compromising on the aesthetic looks so they look amazing in your home.

Benefits of Mobility Furniture

Superior Comfort: Provides exceptional comfort and support for individuals with mobility challenges, enhancing everyday living.

Greater Independence: Users enjoy increased independence in their homes, making tasks and activities easier.

Adaptable and Accessible: Furniture is adaptable to various mobility needs, ensuring convenience.

Personalised Comfort: Tailored to user requirements, offering customised comfort and security.

Easier Home Navigation: Promotes easier movement within one's home, reducing barriers and fostering freedom.

Functional Furniture: Enhances traditional furniture, promoting user independence and ease of use.

Disability Furniture

Our large range ensures that we have something for everyone, we appreciate when buying furniture, it has to the right size and tie in with your home and décor. We recommend that customers take a visit to our Plymouth shop to see our mobility chairs and electric beds in an environment where they can take their time looking at the different styles we stock and testing the product. If you like know more about our recline and rise chairs or electric adjustable beds and can’t make it into our store please call our expert mobility team who can provide more information and arrange a home visit if required.