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Disability aids

If you struggle with your mobility, or if you’re supporting a loved one with mobility issues, finding disability aids in Plymouth is a high priority. Staying mobile couldn’t be more important to ensuring a high quality of life, and disability aids are vital in helping individuals struggling with mobility problems to maintain independence in their everyday lives. Whether you need some help getting around inside your home or outdoors, we have disability aids to meet your specific needs. From walking frames and rollators to crutches and walking sticks, we can help you stay mobile at all times.
Here at More Than Mobility in Plymouth, we’ve put together a carefully chosen product range that comprises a broad spectrum of mobility walking aids to suit customers of all ages and sizes. Thanks to our extensive experience in the industry, we know just what our customers are looking for, and we’ve selected only disability aid products that are well-designed, reliable, and high quality. With a wide range of different models for you to pick from, we’re confident that you’ll have no difficulty in finding a solution that not only suits your requirements but that also fits into your budget.

Benefits of Mobility Aids

Enhanced Mobility: Aids increase mobility and independence, allowing freer movement.

Versatile Adaptation: Versatile and adaptable to various mobility challenges, ensuring greater accessibility.

Personalised Comfort: Users can customise aids for a more pleasant mobility experience.

Safety and Stability: Offers secure and stable movement, reducing accident risks and falls.

Social Engagement: Facilitates social participation and empowers users in various activities and events.

Improved Quality of Life: Enhances overall quality of life by promoting mobility, independence, and well-being for users with mobility challenges.

Mobility Aids

If you struggle with unsteadiness when on your feet, it can be all to easy to lack confidence in your own mobility. As a result, you may find that you struggle to get out and about and, in turn, your quality of life goes down. The More Than Mobility team are here to help, with a great range of mobility aids in Plymouth that will help restore your mobility and give you back your confidence in your balance. Whether you need the additional support of a crutch or walking stick, or a wheeled solution like a four or three-wheeled rollator, we’re certain that we can supply the solution you need.

We’ve carefully selected our mobility and disability aid product range to suit the requirements of all kinds of customers with different levels of mobility, choosing only items from reliable and trusted manufacturers for your complete peace of mind. Not only do we offer a great choice of crutches, quad canes, tri-walkers and 4-wheeled rollators that will give you the extra stability you need when travelling outdoors, but we also stock zimmer frames and trolleys that enable you to remain independent while moving around your home.

Plymouth Mobility Centre

More Than Mobility is proud to be your local Plymouth mobility centre, conveniently located in Plymouth City Centre within easy reach of our customers from across the entire South West. It’s our aim to bring greater independence and freedom to all of our customers by providing them with a local service that is tailored to suit their specific needs. Our local experts are on hand in-store and over the phone to offer guidance and advice, and to answer any questions that our customers may have so that they can make well-informed purchasing decisions.
We welcome our customers from the South Devon and Cornwall regions to come and visit us instore in person. We have regular parking and disabled parking spaces just feet away from our front door for your convenience, and you can see our products in person, with the opportunity to try out our various mobility aids, supported by our friendly and professional staff. Alternatively, you can browse our product range on our intuitive and easy to navigate website, and purchase some of our disability aids online for convenient delivery right to your home address anywhere nationwide.