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Rise & Recline Chairs

More Than Mobility is a leading supplier of Rise and Recline Chairs, which help the users get in and out of the armchair easily.  Browse some of our best sellers below and then visit or phone our store for more information; we only sell these products in-store so that our friendly team can make sure you are getting a product that is suitable for you.

Rise and Recline Chairs are simple to use and are operated by a handset. The handset is attached to the chair so that it cannot be mislaid and is always to hand when required.  They look like a quality armchair and are upholstered in a selection of fabrics to match the style of your home. 

Custom made, Single and Dual Motor Rise and Recline options are available.  With single motor models the footrest rises as the back reclines. With a dual motor, you can control the back and the footrest individually for a greater choice of seating (or even lying) positions.

Our range of Rise and Recline Chairs can help to provide enormous health benefits to those who are suffering from a wide range of medical conditions including arthritis, asthma, circulation problems and back pain. For people who spend a lot of time in an armchair the additional seating positions that our chairs can provide can reduce the risk of pressure sores and other conditions.

You can see a wide variety of our Rise and Recline chairs in our Plymouth showroom. The team can help guide you through the different functions and find out which chair is best for you based on your need. You can also call us for more information on 01752 673367.

All our new Rise & Recline Chairs come with:

  • Free delivery direct to your home
  • Specialist engineer delivery and set up available
  • Full 12 month – 5 year warranty included
  • Local engineers available for ongoing support.

Benefits of Recline And Rise Chairs

Comfort and Support: Chairs offer superior comfort, making sitting and standing more comfortable for individuals with mobility challenges.

Greater Independence: Users enjoy increased independence at home, sitting and standing with ease.

Personalised Comfort: Chairs adjust to individual needs, providing comfort and security.

Reduced Strain: Minimises physical strain, allowing more comfortable and accessible relaxation.

Improved Well-being: Enhances overall well-being by promoting comfort, mobility, and independence for users with mobility challenges.

Stylish Support: Combines style and functionality, enhancing room aesthetics while providing mobility support.

Our Bestselling Rise and Recline Chairs

Dorchester Rise & Recline

The ultimate in riser recliner chairs. The Dorchester is our award-winning armchair. Superbly crafted upholstery is complemented by its traditional, classic and stylish looks, with scrolled arms and elegant wings – The Dorchester is everything you could want in a riser recliner. Find your most comfortable position at the touch of the button. Available with the popular waterfall back or lateral support cushion back. This model is available in 3 different sizes to suit all of your needs. Available in a range of fabrics and colours.

Ambassador Rise & Recline

The new Ambassador® chair is different from any other riser recliner chair. Its superbly supportive seating positioning system and deep waterfall cushions provide the ultimate in seating comfort. The chair comes with a multi-functional dual motor 6-button handset which allows independent control of the backrest and footrest for more personalised comfort. Its unique design enables almost any individual to achieve maximum comfort, whether seated, rising or reclining. Available in a range of fabrics and colours.

Jubilee Rise & Recline

The Jubilee is a Tilt-in-Space Dual-motor chair designed to maximise support throughout motion with a range of stylish back designs. Offering a high leg elevation to provide exceptional postural seating options to suit all individuals. Available in a range of fabrics and colours.

Medina Rise & Recline

The Medina Cosi Chair is a superbly comfortable Independent Dual-motor chair with pocket sprung chaise seating and a soft fibre filled backrest. The independent control of backrest and footrest functions operated through the simple handset enables any individual to find their desired seating or reclined position for maximum comfort.

Avon Fireside Chair

The Avon is a traditional high back chair with a deep button back for added comfort. Designed with pocket sprung seating, padded armrests and upholstered sides, the Avon achieves maximum relaxation and is easy to get in and out of. Featuring contemporary styling and a neutral fabric selection, the Avon will suit most room settings.

For more information on our range of Rise & Recline chairs please call us on 01752 673367 or visit us at our Plymouth store. You can view all of our chairs and furniture range in store and our local experts are always on hand to answer any questions.

Assisted Living Furniture

We’re proud to be one of the South West’s leading suppliers of high-quality recline and rise chairs, which are designed to help the user to get into and out of the chair with ease. User-friendly and simple to use, our rise and recline chairs look just like a standard armchair and are operated using a handset which is attached to the chair itself to avoid it getting lost. We stock a range of attractive and stylish rise and recline chairs upholstered in a variety of beautiful fabrics that are sure to complement your existing home décor.

Dorchester Rise & Recline

We have a range of different options including dual and single motor rise and recline chairs and custom-made models to suit your specific needs. Our single motor chairs have a footrest that rises when the back of the chair reclines. With dual motor models, it’s possible to control both the footrest and the back individually, giving you an even greater choice of lying or seating positions for your complete comfort. Our expert team are looking forward to looking at the different models available with you and helping you to make the perfect decision to suit your home and your requirements.

Ambassador Rise & Recline

If you or your loved one suffer from a variety of different medical conditions like back pain, circulation issues, arthritis, or asthma, you may well be looking for rise and recline chairs near me. For anybody who spends a considerable amount of their day seated in a chair, the extra seating and lying positions that these chairs can offer reduce the chance of developing painful pressure sores or other conditions.

Jubilee Rise & Recline

The team here at More Than Mobility have carefully selected some of the best rise and recline chairs from the top manufacturers for our product range so you can be confident of finding the ideal model for you.

Medina Rise & Recline

While you can browse our range of rise and recline products on our easy-to-navigate website, you can only make a purchase in-person. Our local team of mobility experts are instore at our Plymouth branch and are ready to answer all of your questions and assess the best options to suit your needs. We’ll guide you through all of the various functions that our recline and rise chairs can offer, and help you come to a well-informed purchasing decision.

Avon Fireside Chair

Once you’ve made your selection, we can deliver your purchase direct to your home completely free of charge, and you can benefit from our specialist engineer set up service. With a comprehensive warranty included in the price, you can rest assured that your new chair will stand the test of time.