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Standing Frames

Standing frames are designed to give assistance in standing and sitting up from the toilet. While not requiring installation, a free-standing toilet frame offers assistance to both users as they stand on the pedestal. Some of them are simply frames that fit around your toilet, while others include having raised toilet seats to minimize the distance the person you are caring for must travel to lower or raise themselves again.
More than mobility offers a wide range of standing frames for anyone who needs them. We provide standing aids for those with disabilities or those whose physical condition makes it difficult for them to sit down or stand up. A standing frame for the elderly may significantly improve someone’s freedom in the bathroom. Many of the toilet support frames are width-adjustable due to their lightweight and resistance to rust.

Benefits of Standing Frames

Upright Support: Standing frames enhance mobility for users with mobility challenges.

Strength and Independence: Users gain strength and independence for standing and transferring.

Tailored Comfort: Frames offer personalized support and security.

Improved Well-being: Promotes well-being by facilitating standing and mobility for users with mobility difficulties.

Enhanced Muscle Function: Regular use maintains and improves muscle function for better health.

Versatile Mobility: Frames are versatile tools, fostering independence and ease of movement in daily activities.