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Walking Frames

When you’re struggling with your mobility, it can be all too easy to restrict the amount of time you spend outside your home. This results in a loss of independence and reduced confidence overall. With our range of mobility walking aids, you’ll find that you can enjoy renewed freedom and independence, not only to access your home more safely and confidently, but also to venture out into the great outdoors and engage with the world once again. With our wide range of models and sizes to suit all kinds of customers, we’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for in our carefully chosen range.
If you need a little extra support to get around your home, our range of zimmer frames and walking frames could be the solution that you’ve been seeking. These simple mobility solutions are incredibly useful and will help give you the additional stability you require to move between rooms safely.

Benefits of Walking frames and Rotators

Stability and Safety: Provides stability and support, reducing fall risks and enhancing safety.

Enhanced Mobility: Users move with greater ease, even with mobility challenges, thanks to these aids.

Independence: Promotes independence in daily activities, reducing the need for constant assistance.

Customised Support: Tailored to user needs, providing personalised comfort and security.

Confidence in Mobility: Users gain mobility confidence for social activities and outings.

Ergonomic Comfort: Offers ergonomic support, promoting better posture and reducing strain, leading to improved comfort.


We have models both with and without wheels to suit your requirements, including handy trolleys that make it a breeze to move items, food, and accessories to the location of your choice without having to carry them in your hands. We have also carefully selected a great choice of rollators that are ideal, not only for helping you to get safely and confidently around the inside of your home, but also around outdoor spaces too. Our 3- and 4-wheel rollators offer you excellent stability, supporting more of your weight while you’re walking, and also feature inclusive seats for extra convenience.
Our four-wheel models are an especially good choice for turning confidently and quickly in busy locations like supermarkets and high streets while our tri-walkers feature lightweight frames for excellent mobility and compact storage, especially when paired with a convenient folding design.